Playing LevelUp Land

Click the LevelUp Land icon above your bookshelf to play the LevelUp Land game. When the game loads, you will find yourself in the middle of an empty town-square scene. Click and hold the controls in the lower-left corner, or use your keyboard’s arrow keys, to move around in the scene. Click and hold anywhere on the scene to change your perspective.


LevelUp Land Basic Controls


Buying Characters and Objects

You can open the LevelUp Land store by clicking the icon in the upper-right corner of the scene. The store is filled with different animals, vehicles, and objects that you can purchase with the stars you’ve earned from reading books and taking quizzes. Most of the items in the store cost between 10 and 80 stars, but some are more expensive.


LevelUp Land Buying Characters


To place an item you’ve purchased in the game, exit the store and click the item in the numbered menu that appears along the top of the scene. Next, click in the scene where you want the item to appear. Use the controls that appear beneath the object to resize, reposition, or delete it from the scene.

Changing Scenes

If you’d like to change scenes in LevelUp Land, click the icon of your initial in the upper-left corner of the scene and select Change Scene from the menu that appears. Click a new scene in the window that opens, then click the green checkmark that appears to unlock it. (Scenes you’ve already unlocked are ready to use, and don’t need to be unlocked again.) Once you’ve unlocked a scene, click Go to open it.


Levelup Land Changing Scenes

You can also click Game Controls in this menu to see a list of available keyboard and mouse commands. Click Full Screen in the menu to make the game the size of your device’s entire screen.

Closing the Game

Every time you come back to LevelUp Land after a session ends it looks the way you left it, so there’s no need to save before closing! If you want to return to your bookshelf at any time during play, just click the bookshelf icon above your LevelUp Land scene.

Most teachers allow you to spend only 10 minutes at a time in LevelUp Land.
The same menu you use to change scenes shows you how much time you have left to play.