Help Videos

Getting Started Video

This video summarizes the student experience from login to bookshelf to assessment. Students should watch this video, with a parent or teacher, before getting started on LevelUp Reader.

Setting Up LevelUp for Your Classroom

What’s the best way to set up LevelUp Reader for your classroom? This video tutorial will get you started.

 Visiting LevelUp Reader for the First Time

What do your students see the first time they use LevelUp Reader? This short video shows you the students’ experience when they first log in.

Lexile® Measures

Where do Lexile® measures appear in LevelUp Reader? Watch this video to learn about student and teacher interfaces to see Lexile® measures.

Automatic Progress Monitoring Assessments

How is a student’s progress assessed in LevelUp Reader? Take a quick look at how LevelUp Reader offers automatic Progress Monitoring Assessments to enhance and improve your students’ reading.

Additional Resources for Educators

What educator resources does LevelUp Reader offer? Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the lesson plans, graphic organizers, printable books, and other resources available with LevelUp Reader books.

Searching for Books

What search options are available in LevelUp Reader? This video shows you how to search for LevelUp Reader books in specific categories, by fiction or nonfiction, by your state’s ELA standards, and other criteria.

My Collection

How do I save LevelUp books for quick access? Find out how to add books to your collection and tag them to create units for your classroom.

My Classroom/Class Roster

How do I individualize the LevelUp Reader experience for my students? See how you can use the LevelUp Reader classroom settings to encourage and challenge students based on their individual abilities and needs.

Administrator Reports

What information is available for school administrators in LevelUp? This video details the reporting interface for administrators.

District Reports

What kind of reports are available for LevelUp Reader district administrators? This video shows you the district, school, and student information available in the district administrator reporting interface.

LevelUp Land

How do students use LevelUp Land? Find out how to play our state-of-the-art game in this short video.