Client Testimonials

“Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Reading practice that would be engaging for our early
readers. Well, LevelUp Reader provided that. The program was student and teacher friendly.
I received positive feedback from both parents and students. I am so happy that my district
purchased this program.

LevelUp Reader’s Customer Success team was great to work with. I had several questions,
and they were always available, once even after hours. The professional development
was broken into understandable chunks, making it easy to assimilate. Customer Success
answered all the questions we had and helped us learn how to implement LevelUp Reader.”

Stacey Hall

Reading Specialist, Ferndale Public Schools, MI

“LevelUp Reader is the perfect solution for districts struggling with meeting literacy goals by
the end of third grade. The wide range of authentic literature creates student interest; the
actor-generated audio provides models of fluency; the ease of navigation allows self-direction by even these emergent readers—all of which is vital in this time of distance learning.

But the most impressive aspect of the program is that the software not only indicates a
student’s weakness with respect to a specific state skill or standard, but it also closes the
circle by providing a solution: a just-right selection of titles that allows review and practice.
LevelUp Reader is the next generation of adaptive reading platforms.”

Liz Philippi

School Program Coordinator, Texas State Library

“As an elementary principal, I look for programs and platforms that can be deployed quickly
and effectively so that my teachers and students can jump right in. This has certainly
been the case with LevelUp Reader. It’s great to see how much the kids love reading on
the platform, and the interactive phonics books with their strong scope and sequence
have proved a huge added benefit. The tools incorporated in the program have helped my
students become successful and more confident readers. The teachers are able to track
student progress and get instant feedback on student reading levels and comprehension.
Our school’s Title I Program has incorporated LevelUp Reader into their curriculum with
great success.”

Justin Fye

Principal, Philipsburg Elementary School, PA

“LevelUp Reader is a powerful adaptive literacy platform that allows teachers to easily sort
texts to align to their instructional design as well as to their students’ instructional needs.
It is the ability to flex the resource and to use it across the gradual release within the literacy
block that makes it so special. The benefit to the student is immediate, as texts are
accessible in various formats and can be utilized in any classroom at any time. The ease
of integration is a great strength of the platform.”

Amber Molloy

Program Administrator of Literacy, Montgomery County, PA

“LevelUp Reader has been a valuable instructional tool for my second grade students. It provides
them with the opportunity to choose books they are interested in reading that match their
reading ability. Students are motivated to read because they can track their own results.
It offers immediate feedback on student comprehension of the books they read. LevelUp Reader offers an effective way to teach without having a hard copy of a book. I have been able to
assign books and use the lesson plans provided to engage my students. The quizzes given
at the conclusion of the books provide feedback that helps direct my teaching. The program
has offered a solution to teaching students remotely and provides me with a way to assign
books and monitor student progress.”

Denise Putt

Second Grade Teacher, Philipsburg Elementary School, PA

“Sail away in reading as you Level Up! Imagine having books on level for students,
individualized skills to help students succeed, supportive consultants, and printable
resources for any ELA lesson, all at your fingertips. Oh wait…Rosen has it all for you! Students
are engaged and excited to read!”

Elementary Teachers

Deerfield Elementary USD 216, KS

“What impresses me most about Rosen’s LevelUp Reader is the breadth of age-appropriate authentic
content for my emerging readers. For my students to have immediate access to 2,400
quality titles is amazing. Excellent value for the price of the subscription.”

Susan Anderson

Elementary Librarian, York Suburban School District, PA

“Rosen’s LevelUp Reader is a user-friendly adaptive reading platform of diverse materials that is full
of books with authentic stories, wonderful illustrations, and bright colors designed to engage
even the most reluctant reader. There is quite a mix of fiction and nonfiction titles, with a
plethora of authors and unique titles. The narration on the lower level books provides an
opportunity for the learners to hear the words in context and follow along without
distraction or frustration. This interaction helps build confidence in reading and encourages
students to move at a pace tailored to their individual needs while building skills. The
ancillary teacher resources and the capability of printing the materials create an exceptional
one-stop teaching and learning experience for both teacher and student!”

Ellen and Bruce Eisenberg

The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching

“LevelUp Reader is a smooth, reader-friendly eBook platform…coupled with a broad set of
instructional tools for teachers and utilities for classroom management and data reporting.”

School Library Journal

“Having Rosen Classroom’s Customer Success team come in and work with our staff on
LevelUp Reader has moved our staff from just using the program to making a difference in
our students and staff.”

Tyson Eslinger

Superintendent of Schools, USD 216, Deerfield, KS

“As schools and education departments embrace the importance of play-based learning
in primary grades, it is wonderful to have products like LevelUp Reader that have already
integrated games, open-ended play, and other aspects of kid-friendly fun into a seriously
powerful reading program that teachers love.”

Christopher Harris, Ed.D

Director of the School Library System, Genesee Valley BOCES, NY

“I love using LevelUp Reader with my students. It’s terrific that they take the intake assessment, so
their bookshelves are stacked with titles on their level. The selection of books is great and
it’s nice that I can assign books as well as allow for student choice. The quizzes help
motivate students and are a good way to check the students’ comprehension. They love
the LevelUp Reader game, and it is beneficial that I can limit the amount of time they play during
school hours. I’m enjoying implementing LevelUp Reader and incorporating this great resource into
my existing curriculum.”

Jennifer Jennings

Reading Support Teacher, Midland School, NJ

“Assigning running records in LevelUp Reader is an easy and convenient way to assess my students’ reading fluency. It allows my students to record themselves reading and gives me the ability to complete the easy online rubric anytime. This is one assessment my students enjoy taking as they love being able to record themselves reading and listen to their recording later. The electronic rubric is easy to complete as I mark reading errors, and LevelUp does all the calculations for me. Since the recording is archived and my notes are saved, I can use the recordings and rubrics when I conference with students about their reading. LevelUp running records are a game-changer!”

Jannet Bustamonte

3rd Grade Teacher, St. Teresa Catholic School - Titusville, Florida