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Integrating LevelUp Reader Resources

LevelUp includes over 2,400 texts that may be used within the literacy block of the instructional day. This includes hundreds of fiction and nonfiction texts that may also be used to support the content areas of math, science, social studies, social and emotional learning, and more. For this reason, teachers should consider using the LevelUp library as a supplement to the other resources they use in their units of study.

As teachers create their units of study within their core content areas, they should ponder how they can expand the use of LevelUp to integrate the texts about math, science, social studies, and social and emotional learning concepts during their literacy block. This would begin by looking at both the English language arts standards and the content standards for the grade level and determining the desired student outcomes for these.

The flexibility in the use of LevelUp provides teachers with additional instructional materials to support their lessons. We have compiled a list of various instructional models and have created sample lessons based on these models. Click on any of the following to view a sample lesson!

If you don’t see an instructional model that is used in your district, we would be happy to add additional models to our list of lesson examples. Please use this form to share your instructional model with our customer services team and discuss having it added to this list.

Integrating Levelup Reader in Lesson Plans

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