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LevelUp Reader now offers a free phonics eBook for young readers every week. This week’s book is just a sample of the many phonics titles available on our adaptive reading platform.

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This week’s Free Phonics Book is:

Short Vowel /u/

This interactive phonics book introduces the short vowel sound for the letter U. It explains the sound and uses word families to reinforce learning. Students practice by matching short /u/ words to the correct images through a maze and identifying short /u/ words.

Phonics Reading Program

Our phonics reading program is designed to work with any teacher’s phonics curriculum to help individual students learn to read. In addition to our phonics books, LevelUp Reader offers a variety of fun and interesting phonics readers to engage students in regular phonics practice.

All phonics readers are supported by detailed instructional guides and/or lesson plans. These instructional tools help educators integrate the books into their classroom by providing vocabulary words, vocabulary activities, guided reading, phonics activities, writing/language activities, and more.

Our phonics readers and books can be assigned to individuals or groups of students for a customized learning experience. Educators can assign our interactive phonics eBooks to address identified weaknesses found through any classroom foundational skills assessment, such as a core phonics survey.

free phonics book for students and kids girl with the letter r
free phonics book for students and kids boy with the letter o

Scope & Sequence

The LevelUp interactive phonics program provides a systematic phonics practice that builds students’ skills in phonemic awareness. Students progress through a fun, effective series of interactive eBooks designed to teach phonics skills following a proven scope and sequence:

  • Unit 1: Uppercase and Lowercase
  • Unit 2: CVC
  • Unit 3: Consonant Blends and Consonant Digraphs
  • Unit 4: CVCe Words
  • Unit 5: Long Vowels and Vowel Digraphs
  • Unit 6: r-Controlled Vowels
  • Unit 7: Vowel Diphthongs
  • Unit 8: Multisyllabic Words

For more information on LevelUp Reader’s scope and sequence, visit our interactive phonics page.

Phonics Practice

In addition to resources to support high-quality explicit and systematic phonics instruction, LevelUp Reader supports a systematic approach to phonics practice.

Early learners need additional exposure to various resources that allow them to practice phonics to build their literacy development. LevelUp Reader includes 110 interactive phonics readers that align to the scope and sequence and provide students with a rich resource to develop their phonics skills.

These interactive eBooks begin with letter-sound correspondence to multisyllabic and compound words that support the reading needs of children just learning to read and for those who are well on their way to being independent readers.

These video-based eBooks have the following elements that support independent phonics practice:

  • Actor-narrated audio modeling of authentic sounds
  • On-screen letter tracing
  • Embedded activities, such as matching, puzzles, and mazes
  • Repetition of the skill to cement learning

Since these resources are available online and be accessed virtually anywhere, they are a perfect fit for children to practice within small groups, independently, or with their families. Teachers frequently use small groups to introduce students to these interactive resources. When a teacher is working with another set of students, repetition of the skill is encouraged through independent practice. Finally, since these eBooks are accessible outside the school building, students can continue practicing or sharing their newly learned skills at home or with other care providers.

free phonics book for students and kids