Class and Student Reports

Class Reports

The main Reports page shows a Lexile distribution chart, top and bottom skills list, and a class activity table. Lexile Distribution is a snapshot of your class’s Lexile reading measures. Top and Bottom Skills show your students’ three highest-performing and three lowest-performing skills based on quiz answers. The Class Activity table shows books completed, quizzes taken, and average quiz scores.

Fine-tune the data you see by using the filters at the top of the page: date range, language, and reading group. The default date range is “Last 90 Days,” but you can customize it to any dates you choose. Adjust the date range to compare data week to week or month to month. Use the language filter to just see data for English or Spanish books and quizzes completed. Filter by group to view data only for a specific reading group. You can switch between options in this filter to compare subsets of students.

In the Top and Bottom Skills table, click “See Full Breakdown of Skills and Standards” to open an exhaustive list of how students performed on comprehension skills and ELA standards. Sort the columns on each table to see which skills and standards students have mastered and which might require more attention. In the standards table, hover over a standard code to see the full text of that standard.

Full Reporting for Classroom

Exporting Reports

Exporting Reports

LevelUp Reader allows you to export report data. Click “Export activity data” in the upper right of the Class Activity table, then click Export CSV in the pop-up window that opens. After a moment, your browser will download a file in .csv format, which can be opened in any spreadsheet program. Before you export data, check the date range and language filters to be sure you are exporting exactly the data you want. Each row of the export sheet lists data for an individual student.

Student Reports

On the main Reports page, scroll to the Class Activity table and click a student’s name. This opens a detailed report for the student.

The Reading Level Progress graph plots the student’s scores on intake and progress monitoring assessments over time.

The Activity During This Period and Time Tracking tables give detailed information on how the student is using LevelUp. Click “See Full Activity Breakdown” under Activity During This Period to open a separate page that lists books viewed by the student, along with essential information on whether the book was completed and how the student performed on the quiz. The full activity breakdown page also includes a table listing assessments completed by the student, from the intake assessment to progress monitoring assessments.

Student Reports


Skills Assessments

The Reading Comprehension: Skills and Reading Comprehension: Standards tables detail how the student performed on quizzes. Click a specific skill or standard to see the student’s actual quiz results assessing that skill or standard.

Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading Comprehension Skills: Report

Reading Comprehension Standards

Reading Comprehension: Standards Report

The Phonics Practice table shows which interactive phonics books have been completed by the student, when, and how long it took. For each phonics book, foundational reading and language standards are shown. These are the standards the student can be assumed to have practiced by completing the book.

Phonics Practice

At the bottom of a student report, the Running Record Assessments table shows which running records the student has completed, when, and their accuracy and error rates. Click “View Running Record” for an assessment to see its scorecard. For additional information on this topic, read the article, “How to Use Running Records.”

Running Records Assessment