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Powerful Tools and Features for Educators

Below are just a few of the features designed for educators to engage, educate, and evaluate students using the LevelUp Reader learning platform. We encourage you to compare LevelUp Reader with other online reading platforms to understand why our adaptive reading platform is the clear choice for early learning in both remote and in-classroom settings.

Educator Control

Complete Control: Control which titles a child sees and which features are used and when. Most features, including the game feature, can be disabled completely.

Intervention Made Easy

Intervention Made Easy: Quizzes that assess a specific skill or standard to address learning deficiencies. Book-specific lesson plans, instructional guides, activity sheets, and graphic organizers to practice and reinforce key concepts.

Print Ready Resources

Extensive Digital Library: Over 2,400 titles are available in eBook format with audio support and supplemental class material in PDF format.

Audio Support

Running Records: Easy-to-use recording tool for students. Teachers can analyze responses, competencies, and initiatives taken to determine instructional needs.

Reporting and Testing Standards

Reporting Standards: LevelUp Reader reports conform to common core standards, individual state standards, and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards.

Comprehensive Quizzes

Comprehensive Quizzes: Each digital title is accompanied by a quiz designed to evaluate student comprehension and understanding. Quiz results are recorded for detailed reporting.

Getting Started Videos

 Visiting LevelUp Reader for the First Time

What do your students see the first time they use LevelUp Reader? This short video shows you the students’ experience when they first log in.

Student Getting Started Video

Students should watch this video, with a parent or teacher, before getting started on LevelUp Reader. It will cover some of the basics.

Need Help?

If you still need help getting started, give us a call at 800-237-9932. You can also schedule a free demonstration and one of our trainers will give you a one-on-one online walk-through.