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Sample LevelUp Reader’s vast digital library each week with a new free book! We will post a new free book from a variety of categories and reading levels.

Learning is Fun!

With LevelUp Reader, kids level up their reading skills with fun, interactive games and activities. Parents and teachers can tailor each learning experience for the individual child.

Personalized Digital Library

An extensive digital library of over 2,400 unique literary titles, with the ability to personalize a bookshelf for every student!

A Customized Digital Library for Every Student
Foundational Literacy

Rosen Publishing’s LevelUp Reader is a robust adaptive reading platform that brings educators and students to one engaging resource to foster students’ literacy growth. Supporting small group and whole class instruction as well as individualized practice, LevelUp Reader provides a personalized experience for every student!

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Level up your student’s reading experience with our personalized and adaptive foundational literacy platform. The key to teaching a child to read is individualized instruction.

LevelUp Reader empowers educators with the knowledge to provide a custom experience for each individual student or to differentiate instruction for groups of children within their classroom. LevelUp Reader is a great classroom support tool and a great student self-guided reading tool.


Reach Students with Remote Learning

Reach Students
with Remote Learning

LevelUp Reader seamlessly integrates digital instruction with real-world practice. It offers students both interactive online and printable activities to facilitate learning and encourage independent literacy growth. LevelUp Reader is simple for kids, parents, and caregivers to use and even offers extra accessible tools for keeping readers engaged.

Digital Library of Over 2,400 Books

The LevelUp Reader library includes:

  • Authentic fiction and nonfiction
  • 650+ Spanish and bilingual texts
  • Actor narration to model fluency
  • Engaging interactive phonics activities
  • Adaptive personal libraries on interest and reading levels
  • Engaging decodable books

Interactive Phonics Resource

LevelUp Reader follows a complete scope and sequence of phonics skills, including units on emergent letter-sound correspondence, multisyllabic words, and more—all using 3D animation! The 250+ printable activities and writing practice sheets ensure mastery of these foundational skills.

From Learning to Read
to Reading to Learn

Students have easy access to books at just the right reading level through their unique, personalized bookshelf. Teachers can assess comprehension of the text via quizzes and track students’ mastery of skills and state standards.

Teachers, reading coaches, and reading specialists can customize each experience for the individual students’ needs. The LevelUp Reader platform adapts to the skills and abilities of each student.

Learning to Read
Easy Student Evaluations and Reporting

Easy Reporting and Evaluation

LevelUp Reader incorporates low-stakes progress monitoring assessments and provides intuitive reporting for analysis. By incorporating the Lexile® Framework for Reading, students can meet standard grade and age level benchmarks. Educators have access to online or downloadable reporting at a glance, plus the ability to drill down to over 100 data points at the district, school, class, and student levels.

Engaging Student Gaming Environment

LevelUp Land’s gaming environment maximizes student engagement without distracting from learning goals. Learners will be able to freely play and wander through an immersive 3D environment similar to today’s most popular gaming platforms.

Level up your student’s education through fun, interactive experiences that encourage learning and engagement. 

Find Titles Correlated to
Your ELA Standards

LevelUp Reader recognizes your specific state’s ELA correlations. It removes the stress of aligning bookshelves and allows you to teach to students’ individual needs. It’s quick and easy to integrate LevelUp Reader into existing lesson plans.

Teachers can filter over 2,400 authentic texts to find those that tie to a particular standard in their state and enrich their instruction.

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