Power Coders Graphic Collection

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The Simulated Friend, A Peculiar Sequence of Events, & The Chatbot Mystery (ages 8 to 10)

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The Power Coders are back with a fresh set of library bound programming adventures. Naya, Peter, Grace, Tommy, and Jack the dog help solve exciting mysteries around Newton High and teach readers essential coding concepts at the same time. The Power Coders graphic narratives help readers develop computational thinking skills and prepare them for higher-level coding. Incredible illustrations of the Power Coders in action are sure to inspire young readers, whether or not they plan to become programmers. The witty, often hilarious plot developments and dialogue are sure to keep readers interested in what will happen next.

The Simulated Friend
Pages: 32
"What's that tapping?" A rhythmic tapping in their classroom confuses the members of the Power Coders Club, but they realize they don't have the skills needed to solve this mystery. However, they do have the skills needed to find a "simulated friend," a real person in the school who has the talents they currently lack. Using data analysis, the club members put their heads together to find the best student to help them. The Power Coders work together with their new friend to discover the source of the cryptic, rhythmic tapping. The colorful illustrations, humorous dialogue, and coding examples are sure to keep readers entertained as they learn a real-world application for data analysis and computational thinking.

A Peculiar Sequence of Events
Pages: 32
In one of their most bizarre adventures yet, the Power Coders become stuck in a time loop! The kids are forced to relive a short sequence of events over and over. Luckily, together they have the computational thinking skills needed to recognize the loop and form a plan to break out of it, if they can stop thinking about cupcakes! After recording and analyzing the peculiar sequence of events, the young coders use their knowledge of loops, logic, and Boolean expressions to discover the source of the mystery. Colorful artwork, amusing dialogue, and an antibullying approach help make this narrative both entertaining and informative.

The Chatbot Mystery
Pages: 32
The Power Coders are headed to the first-ever Youth App Fest. They hope to win money for new computers with their app idea, a chat bot based on Tommy's dog, Jack. One of the coders, Peter, has been acting distant lately. He claims to be too sick to go. The team is crushed. However, he says they can contact him on a new messaging app. The Power Coders go to App Fest and realize that even though chatting with Peter on the app is fun, they need him there to win. Soon, it's clear something is up with Peter, if that's really who they've been talking to. This is a book about collaboration, artificial intelligence, friendship, and a major mystery.

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