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Jokes and More About Bees, Kitchen Capers, & Silly Stories (ages 6 to 10)

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The world can always use more laughter, and this silly set will have both the joke tellers and their audience in stitches. Each vibrantly designed volume, punctuated with friendly cartoon figures, features a high-interest topic such as bees, kitchen capers, and silly stories. Jokes, puns, and riddles are motivating ways for readers to exercise their reading fluency skills, especially as they'll love to share them with friends and family.

Let's Tell Jokes About Bees
Pages: 32
Some people might be scared of bees, but after finishing this buzzworthy guide to bee humor, readers are sure to find them hilarious! A variety of creative and age-appropriate jokes about bees are presented for readers to share with their friends or family. In addition, readers also discover fun facts about bees that supplement basic life science curriculum topics. Colorful photographs of bees are also included as part of the vibrant design. By combining comedy and biology, readers discover that learning—even learning about bugs—can be lots of fun!

Kitchen Capers
Pages: 32
What's so funny about things in the kitchen? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Readers will be cracking up over these silly jokes about all sorts of food and drinks. Jokes are told using short, accessible text and paired closely with eye-catching illustrations, helping readers of all ages and levels understand and appreciate the humor behind these funny quips. The simplicity of the jokes makes them easy to remember and retell to friends and family, making for a book that's sure to be a popular addition to any library and classroom.

Silly Stories
Pages: 32
Funny jokes are a great way to get everyone interested in reading. Amused readers will be laughing cheerfully with each turn of the page. Each joke is told with the use of simple and accessible text, so readers of all ages and levels can appreciate the comedy. Colorful illustrations grab readers' attention and are closely related to the jokes, offering an easy understanding of these silly stories.

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