American Legends Jr. Graphic Collection


Annie Oakley, Paul Bunyan, & Johnny Appleseed (ages 6 to 10)

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Readers will learn how these historical figures were important to America's cultural heritage and why such exciting life stories continue to be retold and cherished today. Students will not only learn about these classic legends, but they will also discover how a legend comes into being, and why not all the stories about these heroes are true.

Annie Oakley
Pages: 24
Annie Oakley was a real woman who became a legend through her extraordinary life and skills. She was crack shot with a rifle and became a star attraction of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. She also became a symbol of Americans' indomitable spirit and the thirst for adventure and opportunity that drove people to expand westward into unknown territory.

Paul Bunyan
Pages: 24
Paul Bunyan is one of America's first true tall tales, literally. It doesn't get much taller than a giant lumberjack with a giant blue ox, however, there is some truth behind the stories. There is also a lasting legacy of people who are working under tough conditions but easing their hearts and minds through enjoying the stories like this. Readers will enjoy this graphic representation that unravels the legend of Paul Bunyan and the truth behind it.

Johnny Appleseed
Pages: 24
John Chapman is better known as Johnny Appleseed, but who was he, really? Did he really wear a pan on his head as a hat and travel the United States planting apple seeds? This unique biography explores the legend and the real man. The comic book-style illustrations help young people get a true flavor for what life might have been like for this memorable legendary figure.

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