We are excited about our new LevelUp Reader feature for students practicing oral reading fluency. The new “Student Read-Aloud” feature integrates a dynamic reading and recording tool into our existing platform. It is similar to our Running Records feature. Here’s what you can expect:

For Students: Interactive Reading and Recording

Record as You Read: Students will now find a microphone icon on the bottom toolbar of LevelUp books (excluding Interactive Phonics Books). This icon is a gateway to an interactive reading experience.

Student book toolbar with the recording symbol circled.

Clicking it opens a recording interface, making the process engaging and intuitive.

Live Feedback While Reading: When students click “Record” and read the book aloud, they receive live feedback. A green visualizer animates in response to their voice, making the reading session more interactive and fun.

Recording icon activated.

Flexible Recording Options: Students can pause and resume their recording seamlessly. After clicking “Stop,” students can listen to what has already been recorded by clicking the “Play” button:

Recording icon activated in paused format.

Students may continue with their recording or click the “Redo” button. The “Redo” option clears the recording and starts over again. When the student clicks “Redo,” LevelUp asks to confirm that they want to erase the current recording.

Buttons to confirm erasing the current recording or to continue.

Student recordings are saved by LevelUp whenever “Pause” or “Stop” is clicked. This allows a student to return to a book and complete an unfinished recording.

Submission and Rewards: After completing the book, students can submit their recording to their teacher by clicking “Finish Book and Submit Recording.” Additionally, students are rewarded with ten extra stars for use in LevelUp Land to celebrate their efforts.

Displays the end of a book with a button to finish the book and to submit the recording to the teacher, and an image displaying how many stars has been awarded for their read aloud.

If a student reopens a book which has a previously completed recording, that earlier recording is shown when the student clicks the microphone icon. This allows the student to listen to their work at any time. The student can click “Redo” to create a new recording of the book, however.

For Educators: Efficient Management of Student Recordings

Inbox Integration: Educators can access all completed student recordings in “My Classroom > Inbox.” These recordings are conveniently listed as “Read Aloud” alongside other response types. A new filter option, “Show Read Aloud only,” is available for streamlined sorting.

Review, Feedback, and Tracking: Clicking “Review Read Aloud” opens a detailed page where teachers can view book details such as the title, Lexile, and date completed. They can listen to the student-created audio, download the file, and flip through the book page by page to follow along with the recording. This feature facilitates in-depth review and feedback. Teachers take notes, save them, and mark the recording as reviewed to complete the review process.

Post-review, the Read Aloud moves from the “Items Ready to Grade” to the “Items Graded” tab keeping the educator’s workspace current.

Key Data in Reports: When a teacher views the Reports page for an individual student, a new table displays below the existing “Running Record Assessments” table. This “Read Alouds” table collects key data on student recordings. It displays book information such as title and Lexile as well as information related to the recording, like the date it was completed by the student and the notes the teacher wrote during the review. This table allows the teacher to see data on student reading performance at a glance, presented alongside other information on fluency and comprehension for context.

Customizable Settings for Students: In “My Classroom > Roster,” educators find a new “Student Recording” column. This allows for the customization of the recording functionality for each student, ensuring that the feature aligns with individual learning needs.

This new feature is a significant leap in our mission to make learning interactive, personalized, and efficient. We believe the “Student Read-Aloud” feature will enhance students’ reading skills and provide educators with valuable insights into their students’ progress.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy reading and recording! 📚🎙️🌟