We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to your teaching toolkit on LevelUp Reader: the new “Filter by Student” feature is now available on the My Classroom > Inbox page.

As you continue to navigate the challenges and rewards of educating young minds, we understand the importance of having efficient and user-friendly tools at your disposal. With this in mind, we have introduced a feature that mirrors the functionality already loved by many on the Assignments page.

Streamline Your Grading with Ease

The “Filter by Student” function allows you to quickly and efficiently find and manage student submissions. We know that sorting through a multitude of student work can be time-consuming. This feature aims to significantly reduce the time you spend searching for specific student submissions, giving you more time to focus on providing valuable feedback.

Dynamic, Real-Time Search

As you type a student’s name in the filter, the system dynamically updates the table to display only the relevant entries. This real-time filtering ensures you can immediately find the submissions you are looking for without navigating through pages of unrelated content.