We’ve been listening to your feedback and are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our platform that will make managing your student login badges easier.

New Feature: Streamlined Printable Login Badges for Students

Understanding the importance of efficient classroom management, we’ve introduced an intuitive update that greatly simplifies managing student login badges. Here’s what’s new:

Easy Access to Print Individual Login Badges

On the “My Classroom > Roster” page, educators will now find an added convenience: a “Print Login Badges” column. This feature is designed to save time and increase efficiency. Teachers can effortlessly print individual QR login badges with a click on the printer icon next to a student’s name.

Bulk Printing Option

In alignment with the familiar “bulk edit” functionality on the My Classroom pages, teachers now have the flexibility to select multiple students and print their login badges in bulk. This is a fantastic tool for issuing new badges for newly added students or quickly replacing lost badges, all while conservatively using resources.

Print All Feature

For those times when you need to print badges for the entire class, the “Print All Login Badges” button remains conveniently located in the upper right corner of the Roster table. This ensures that printing badges for every student is still a click away.

Enhanced Printing for Multiple Classrooms

We’ve also improved the badge printing process for teachers overseeing multiple classrooms. Now, you can easily select and print badges for students from any of your classes.

Why This Matters

We understand that managing a classroom involves juggling numerous tasks. By enhancing the badge login system, we aim to:

  • Save Time: Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time for teaching.
  • Conserve Resources: Printing only what you need helps in reducing paper waste.
  • Increase Flexibility: You have complete control over the printing process, whether it’s one badge or hundreds.

Your Feedback Drives Our Innovation

These updates directly result from valuable feedback from educators like you. At LevelUp, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, always with the goal of making your teaching experience as seamless and effective as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of the LevelUp community!