LevelUp Reader has announced a new feature that promises to enhance the reading experience for both teachers and students. The platform, known for its comprehensive library of educational texts, has introduced Automatic Bookmarking—a feature designed to save your spot in any unfinished texts effortlessly. 

Bookmarking in Books

LevelUp will automatically bookmark your spot if you log out or exit a book before finishing it. This means that the next time you open the book, you’ll be greeted with two convenient options:

  • “Continue Reading” – This option takes you right back to the page where you left off.
  • “Start from the Beginning” – Ideal for those who prefer to start afresh, this option returns you to the book’s first page.

This automatic bookmarking is not just for the last book you opened. The update ensures that your place is saved in all unfinished books, significantly improving the earlier bookmarking feature that only remembered the most recently opened book. Please note this new feature applies to unfinished books from the start of 2024 and onward, so some older titles in your “Continue Reading” row may not have this functionality.

This feature is especially useful for longer or more complex books, though it’s applied to all LevelUp titles, except for Interactive Phonics Books.

Bookmarking in Comprehension Quizzes

Pop-up window that asks user to complete an already started quiz or to start reading the book from the beginning.

LevelUp now supports students who have left a quiz before completing it. Upon returning to the book, students will have two options:

  • “Complete Quiz” – This option returns students to the quiz questions.
  • “Start from the Beginning” – This option allows students to revisit the book’s content before attempting the quiz again.

Like bookmarking in texts, this new feature applies to unfinished quizzes from the start of 2024 and onward.