Students can easily get frustrated or bored while learning to read. In addition to limiting understanding, these hurdles can have a significant negative impact on a student’s attitude toward reading and their ability to read as they get older. Frustrations come in a variety of forms. Some readers find it difficult to get interested in reading, resulting in a lack of engagement. In many cases, students don’t spend enough time reading, resulting in a profound sense of disappointment when they can’t read as well as their peers. One of the main sources of frustration in a student’s literacy journey is a lack of books written specifically for their reading level. LevelUp Reader is designed to address all of these issues and more.

Engaging Young Readers

Many online reading platforms create content specifically designed to challenge readers. This seems like a good strategy in theory, but these sentences strung together often lack substance and make it difficult for students to stay engaged. LevelUp Reader is full – over 2400 titles – of original and unique content. The digital library, consisting of both fiction and non-fiction titles are designed first to engage students and not solely to test a student’s ability to read.

Sometimes, it takes more than an interesting story to engage a child. When a student requires intervention,  educators can take advantage of other LevelUp Reader features, designed to keep a child’s attention.

Audio Support

Students reading with difficulty can benefit from the audio support in LevelUp Reader. LevelUp Reader books contain professionally recorded audio that models fluency, helping students to become smoother and more expressive readers. To hear book audio, click the play button in the bottom toolbar when a book is open. The book highlights each word so students can follow along as the narrator reads aloud.

Interactive Phonics

Young readers benefit from the LevelUp Reader interactive phonics ebooks, giving them valuable, individualized practice in decoding and other foundational skills. The collection of phonics titles offers the full scope and sequence to ensure phonics practice is systematic and effective. Interactive phonics readers are not only engaging but also help students learn the relationship between sounds and the groups of letters and syllables of written language. When students learn the sounds made from combined letters, they are able to interpret new words as they read. 

Instructional Aids

For other learners, key reading skills may be reinforced with resources like activity sheets and graphic organizers or with the activities found in lesson plans. These instructional aids help students practice useful strategies and break down what they read.

In addition to these materials, assigned books are also available in print-ready format for printing. LevelUp Reader books can be assigned and read even when an Internet connection is not available. It is the flexibility of this adaptive reading platform that allows students to learn anywhere and at any time of day.

Read Anytime, Anywhere

The frequency of reading practice is crucial for growth. LevelUp Reader affords teachers flexibility: they can guide students to texts by assigning books, or they can simply monitor progress as students engage on their own. LevelUp Reader is designed to engage with a simple, friendly interface and content crafted for young readers. No matter what students’ interests are, they are likely to find something to love in the extensive offerings of authentic texts in LevelUp Reader.

LevelUp Reader is simple by design and requires no software to install. It works on desktops, laptops, and tablets, and Levelup Reader is available in the app store and Google Play Store as well. LevelUp Reader is supported by most browsers and operating systems. For more information, visit the technical support page. The bandwidth requirements for LevelUp Reader are minimal – high-speed Internet access is recommended but isn’t required.

Another great benefit of LevelUp Reader is that each title is available in a print-ready format. Teachers can print copies of the book for practice or for lessons. Students can also print their books at home. This works great when students want to read outside or in the car. In short, the availability of titles in print format makes LevelUp Reader one of the most flexible online reading platforms available.

Extensive Digital Libary

With over 2,400 titles across different genres, categories, and reading levels, LevelUp Reader is an impressive online digital library for Prek to 3rd-grade students. Educators have complete control over the content available to each student, with the ability to assign titles to one student, a group of students, or the entire class. What is most impressive about the LevelUp Reader library is the scope of the content. The library contains both fiction and non-fiction, as well as interactive phonics titles.

The LevelUp Reader library contains books in a variety of categories. Here are just a few of the engaging themes in the library.

  • Adventure and Mystery
  • Animals
  • Arts and Craft
  • Civics and My Community
  • Family and Friends
  • Famous People
  • People and Places
  • Math and Measuring

In addition to reading, students are given the chance to show off their ability to read and comprehend with a short quiz after each book. Quiz scores are stored, giving teachers the ability to better understand the student’s reading comprehension.

Fun and Games

The motivation to read comes from more than just the high-interest offerings in LevelUp Reader. An incentive system is built into the platform. For every assessment, book, and quiz completed, the site provides positive feedback while noting that the student has earned a number of credits. These credits are used in LevelUp Land, creating opportunities to purchase characters and objects and explore fantastic worlds. The more students read the more they get out of their creative time in the open-world gaming environment of LevelUp Land. Setting limits on game access during class hours allows students to exercise their imaginations without distracting from learning goals.

LevelUp Reader is designed to engage students and keep young readers motivated with its valuable features, anytime accessibility, and an immense library of original titles. LevelUp Reader makes reading fun and rewarding and when kids enjoy reading, they are much more likely to continue reading as they grow older. If you are an educator, looking for a way to keep students motivated to read, set up a free trial now.