Teachers have new ways to customize the quiz experience for students on the LevelUp website. On the Quiz Settings page under “My Classroom,” a new setting called “Refer to Book” is available. The default is for this feature to be off for all students, but teachers can easily enable it with just a click.

When this setting is enabled, it allows the student to reopen the book and refer to the text while completing a quiz. The student will see a “Jump to Book” button on the quiz screen in such cases:

Clicking this button takes the student back into the book. The student can click “Back to Quiz” to once again return to the quiz questions.

A student can also click “Show Questions” to view the quiz side-by-side with the book. This view allows the student to page through the book and click through the quiz questions at the same time.

“Open book” quizzes reinforce common ELA standard and skill expectations for upper elementary students. It allows for deeper comprehension by locating and interpreting information within the text, encourages the use of textual evidence with citations of specific content, pushes for close reading through a careful and analytical extraction of information, and deepens critical thinking while exploring literary elements.

As part of these changes to quiz functionality, LevelUp now saves student progress on any incomplete quizzes. If a student completes half of a quiz and returns to it later, their previous answers will remain. This functionality allows for greater flexibility, accommodates distractions and interruptions, reduces anxiety, and supports different learning styles by allowing students to work at an appropriate pace.