In response to feedback from educators, we have updated and improved the Assignments page under My Classroom. The new enhancements allow teachers to make informed and quick decisions when assigning books or running records to students.

First, assignments are now organized by type into two separate tabs: Books and Running Records.

Complete and incomplete assignments are now in one table, which will make it easier than ever for teachers to review an assignment and quickly pinpoint which students have completed it and which have yet to finish it.

A more robust “Filter by status” menu allows teachers to narrow their focus. The default shows all assignments, but teachers can filter by any incomplete assignment (or limit that to Assigned only or Overdue only) or by any complete assignments (or limit that to Completed on Time only or Completed Late only).

These updates will reduce the amount of time it takes to gather information and allow educators to quickly assign different tasks to students based on their individual learning needs and levels.

Teachers have always had the ability to filter assignments by student name, but the new Filter by Title field allows for even faster results when searching for a specific assignment.

All three filtering options (by student, title, and assignment status) can be used together to precisely limit results on the page.

As before, teachers retain the ability to directly adjust Display Date and Due Date and even Unassign books or running records directly from the Assignments page.

These enhancements should make it simpler for educators to track student engagement with assigned books or running records, saving teachers valuable time while ensuring each student is challenged appropriately.

The implementation of these assignment enhancements helps teachers reduce their time spent on administrative tasks and increase their ability to focus on their students and classroom needs.